Divorce and Family Law

Decisions made concerning divorce and family law matters are of the utmost importance. An experienced family lawyer not only acts as your sounding board through a difficult time, but advises you of your options.

I am Livonia divorce attorney, Mary Ann Arsenault. With more than 30 years of experience, I am able to provide my divorce and family law clients with a realistic picture of what they can expect down the road. I will always tell my clients the truth, even if the truth is not necessarily what they want to hear, and help them get the fairest resolution of their case. Contact me today for a private phone consultation concerning:

  • Collaborative & Amicable Divorce
  • Property Division & Settlement
  • Premarital or Prenuptial Agreements & Counseling

What is an amicable divorce?  I divorce where both parties want to end a marriage fairly, without litagation, yet still require a legal matter expert to help navigate the process and smooth over potentially smaller hurdles efficiently before they can grow into larger ones in an attempt to handle things on your own.

I want a fair settlement for my divorce clients. I also help to provide the closure that allows people to get through their divorce so they can start the next chapter of their life whole, and go forward.

If you are considering remarriage, I can help you to sort out the potential financial considerations. In addition to family law, I handle estate planning and probate , as well as consumer bankruptcy.

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